Valfurva Valley Museum

Founded in 1979 thanks to the Valfurva Valley Museum Association and Maestro Mario Testorelli, the ethnographic museum narrates the history, culture, traditions and knowledge of Valfurva in a setting that recreates real environments and atmospheres.

The museum itinerary works its way through the domestic areas (the main room and the kitchen) and the spaces dedicated to the work of artisans, such as carpenters, shoemakers, rope makers and blacksmiths. Further areas describe household, agricultural and pastoral activities.

Undoubtedly, two of the focal points of this museum are the working mill for grinding rye and the wood-burning oven where bread is baked.

The life of the valley and its inhabitants is represented through numerous objects collected in the sections dedicated to costume, school, religious devotion, the mountain and mountaineering, as well as the First World War.